2001 – Recomputerization RC1

The two Recomputerization : Collective Decomputerization CD’s are a collaboration between The Tic Tok Men and 20 other artists. The artists were given the raw vocal and musical tracks from the song Decomputerization and allowed total artistic freedom to mutate and bend as they saw fit. Some tracks have been completely reworked and sound nothing like the original concept. The different interpretations convert the song into Dance, Acoustic, Rock, Techno, Breakbeat and various other genre styles.

Track Listing
1 – John Ingram: Butlerian Jihad Mix
2 – Zerozillion: Remix
3 – 12 Step Staircase: Remix
4 – Blank Grid: Visit 3 Remix
5 – Ripper Inc: Die Maschine pt. 1
6 – Darkestred: Destruction Mix
7 – AutoCad: Remix
8 – Karl Olson: CouZ-n’S reMiX
9 – Controlled Dissonance: Diecomputerization
* – Bonus Track

Total Running Time: 45:39